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Do you think you've got what it takes to be one
of the world's best drivers?  
Can you tame the beast?

The Legends Simulator will test your skills to the limit!
Using 1967 race cars and based in the real physics
of those cars it behaves exactly as it would have done,
on track, in 1967.  

Drive the awesome 1967 layout for Silverstone circuit
- the fastest ever configuration of the legendary track -
and you have a true test of your skills and abilities.
Built into a real vintage racing chassis, the Legends
Simulator is more than just a driving experience -
It is a driver and engineer trainer.  Learn by adjusting
and fine tune everything that the teams in 1967 could
tweak, with realistic driving differences as a result.  

The Legends Simulator teaches you how to set up a
Race car to match your driving style and get the best
out of any conditions.

Learn the art of race driving or develop your
existing skills.  Learn how to engineer a car to get
The maximum out of it.

The Legends Simulator is available to hire by the lap,
hour or day.